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Replaceable head reamer with optimised cooling

The optimised replaceable head reamer CPR500/510 offers an economic advantage in cast machining. For a significantly longer tool life, the solid carbide replaceable heads have an innovative CVD coating. This coating was developed by MAPAL especially for cast. An additional technical coup of the new development is optimised cooling using a sleeve. Due to the abrasiveness of the material, the issue of cooling is very important for cast machining – this is solved to a great extent by inner coolant supply and outlets directly at the cutting edges. However, there is a need for optimisation in the cooling of the contact point between the arc land chamfer and bore wall. Because of this MAPAL has further developed the design of the replaceable head so that it now has a sleeve attached behind the blades. The coolant is distributed by outlets at the sleeve end over the complete length of the cutting edges. In this way, the complete cutting edge and bore wall of the cast material are optimally cooled and lubricated.

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Exhibitor: MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG