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HAKUFORM A 845 fulfils the latest legal standards concerning water-miscible metalworking fluids in Germany and Europe. Additionally, HAKUFORM A 845 meets all TRGS 611 requirements, it is boron-free and contains no formaldehyde releasers. It is formulated with synthetic ester oils and modern amines. That is why HAKUFORM A 845 can be used at a broad range of machining processes and different materials. It is very low in foam, even in soft water; but its emulsion is also stable at high water hardness. Its excellent wetting properties lead to clean machines and work pieces and reduce the actual consumption.

Due to its state-of-the-art formulation it provides very good skin compatibility (dermatological report available) and an exceptionally long sump life. Thus it is the first choice in the automotive industry for huge central systems.

Exhibitor: Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH