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Surface treatment specialist Kluthe develops and produces chemical products and innovative process solutions for Metalworking & Cleaning, Pretreatment, and Paint Shop.

Our vision is the driving force for the best solutions for our customers. The quality of our products and a partnership on equal terms are our top priority.

Kluthe supplies more than 15,000 customers worldwide from 44 locations with chemistry “Engineered in Germany.”​

As a global family business with over 65 years of experience in research and development, Kluthe offers its customers a unique competitive advantage.

Furthermore, Kluthe takes responsibility for the environment and the next generation. That means Harmony in Chemistry for the whole Kluthe Group.

Products and services

COOLING LUBRICANTS Cooling lubricants are used in most application cases in metalworking. This lubricant type must lubricate and cool at the same time. Moreover, the fluid is supposed to remove the metal shavings created during processing and must possess particular corrosion protection characteristics to prevent corrosion at the processed part, tools and processing machine surfaces.

CLEANING AGENTS In the cleaning product area, we offer water-based, acidic, neutral or alkaline solutions. The used product is depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned as well as the system type. Water-based cleaning agents are unable to carry out certain cleaning tasks. Here we offer cleaning agents based on organic solvents.

CORROSION PROTECTION Easily corroding metals, such as gray cast, standard steel, but also galvanized steel surfaces must be protected before they are stored for a longer period of time or before they are transported. For this, we offer several different corrosion protection products.

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News & Innovations


Our range of metalworking oils is supplemented by the HAKUFORM L-series. These metalworking fluids are formulated by means of so-called GTL-oils. GTL stands for “Gas-to-Liquid”, a high-tech process to extract synthetic base oils from natural gas. The obtained oils are completely colour- and odourless and free of sulfur and aromatic compounds. All L-oils are low in oil mist and evaporation. Thus they provide clean and safe working conditions.

Our bestseller and most versatile product in the HAKUFORM L-series is HAKUFORM L 414. It cannot only be used for grinding or honing, it can also be used for cutting operations, like milling and deep hole drilling of steel, stainless steel and light alloys.

One metalworking oil for a complete productionThe advantages are obvious: simpler logistics, no mix-up of different oils and, furthermore, the possibility of purchasing bigger amounts.


HAKUFORM A 845 fulfils the latest legal standards concerning water-miscible metalworking fluids in Germany and Europe. Additionally, HAKUFORM A 845 meets all TRGS 611 requirements, it is boron-free and contains no formaldehyde releasers. It is formulated with synthetic ester oils and modern amines. That is why HAKUFORM A 845 can be used at a broad range of machining processes and different materials. It is very low in foam, even in soft water; but its emulsion is also stable at high water hardness. Its excellent wetting properties lead to clean machines and work pieces and reduce the actual consumption.

Due to its state-of-the-art formulation it provides very good skin compatibility (dermatological report available) and an exceptionally long sump life. Thus it is the first choice in the automotive industry for huge central systems.

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