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Our range of metalworking oils is supplemented by the HAKUFORM L-series. These metalworking fluids are formulated by means of so-called GTL-oils. GTL stands for “Gas-to-Liquid”, a high-tech process to extract synthetic base oils from natural gas. The obtained oils are completely colour- and odourless and free of sulfur and aromatic compounds. All L-oils are low in oil mist and evaporation. Thus they provide clean and safe working conditions.

Our bestseller and most versatile product in the HAKUFORM L-series is HAKUFORM L 414. It cannot only be used for grinding or honing, it can also be used for cutting operations, like milling and deep hole drilling of steel, stainless steel and light alloys.

One metalworking oil for a complete productionThe advantages are obvious: simpler logistics, no mix-up of different oils and, furthermore, the possibility of purchasing bigger amounts.

Exhibitor: Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH

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