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TWIN VICES - Stationary workholding Power Vices

Stationary clamping Vices used as self-centering or as a vise against a fixed jaw. Several types of vices like pneumatic, hydraulic and spring actuated. Different Features: Safety valve, stroke control with pneumatic valve, fully sealed version, turbo version, self lubrication, 4 or 5...

Exhibitor: SMW-Autoblok S.p.A.

KN 5Ciprecision machining centre

The KN 5Ci is the ideal precision machining centre for complex internal grinding requirements within 100 – 440 mm diameter range. Especially gearing and function surfaces such as drillings and plane faces can primarily be machined by grinding in single clamping. Consequently, even severe...

Exhibitor: KAPP GmbH & Co. KG


HAKUFORM A 845 fulfils the latest legal standards concerning water-miscible metalworking fluids in Germany and Europe. Additionally, HAKUFORM A 845 meets all TRGS 611 requirements, it is boron-free and contains no formaldehyde releasers. It is formulated with synthetic ester oils and modern...

Exhibitor: Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH


Our range of metalworking oils is supplemented by the HAKUFORM L-series. These metalworking fluids are formulated by means of so-called GTL-oils. GTL stands for “Gas-to-Liquid”, a high-tech process to extract synthetic base oils from natural gas. The obtained oils are completely...

Exhibitor: Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH

HPR400 plus – Clear cost-per-part savings due to no setting requirements and four cutting edges

Greater cost-effectiveness by means of efficient reconditioning was central to the development of the HPR400 reamers. The multi-bladed tools win over customers with their great cost-effectiveness thanks to faster application data and straight forward insert changing by the customer on-site. This...

Exhibitor: MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG

Vertical cabinets for storing completely assembled tools

If large, heavy tools are already assembled in the production area but are not yet needed on the machines, they should be stored away. Cabinet drawers with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 75 kg are not ideally suited for this. They often reach their limits when loaded with several completely...

Exhibitor: MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG

Replaceable head reamer with optimised cooling

The optimised replaceable head reamer CPR500/510 offers an economic advantage in cast machining. For a significantly longer tool life, the solid carbide replaceable heads have an innovative CVD coating. This coating was developed by MAPAL especially for cast. An additional technical coup of the...

Exhibitor: MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG

ZIERSCH GmbH introduces new Z series!

ZIERSCH GmbH has been a competent partner for over 10 years in the development, production and sale of high-precision grinding machines. The Ilmenau-based company has established a large number of machines on the market and continues to shape today's grinding technology for tool and mold making,...

Exhibitor: Ziersch GmbH

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