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About us

MAPAL – tooling the customer's success

MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG is one of the leading international suppliers of precision tools for the machining of practically all materials. MAPAL supplies leading companies from the automotive and aerospace industries and from power generation and drive technology. Customers come also from machine and plant engineering, as well as from medical technology and other demanding industries. The specialist for precision tools gradually developed to a full-line supplier to all industries requiring series-production machining of workpieces.

MAPAL builds on proximity to the customer and the latest technologies. With its innovations the company is regularly a pioneer of the trends and standards in production and machining technology. MAPAL sees itself as a technology partner, supporting its customers with the development of time-saving, resource-conserving and cost-effective machining processes using individual tool concepts.

Products and services

MAPAL specialises in tools for machining cubic parts. It is on this basis that MAPAL offers comprehensive knowledge of tools for machining bores, with a range of products extending from complex special tools to efficient standard tools. The basic principle for the quality of MAPAL tools is absolute precision. The result is reliable tooling systems which guarantee consistent production. Fine machining tools in the various MAPAL tooling systems mean complete contours can be machined to high precision. The result is excellent quality insurface finish, roundness, concentricity and maximum tool life.

Tritan-Drill Steel

Tritan-Drill Steel

With Tritan-Drill-Steel, steel can be machined significantly more cost-effectively compared with drills with two cutting edges. Among other things, this is achieved thanks to the significantly higher feed values. The robustness of the Tritan-Drill-Steel is due to the completely newly designed main cutting edge design. The resulting very stable cutting edges reduce the mechanical loads. The coating is also specially adapted for the machining of steel. The result of this is very long tool lives.

Side lock chuck for cylindrical shanks with HB clamping surface

Side lock chuck for cylindrical shanks with HB clamping surface

The side lock chuck from MAPAL impresses with its strong clamping, simple handling and greatly improved run-out. The locating bore is accurate down to the single-digit µm range, meaning that it is manufactured with far greater precision compared to previous versions. This reduces the radial clearance of the clamped tool and greatly improves the run-out. In addition, to compensate for the large tolerance on the lateral clamping surface, MAPAL has used a patented spring element in the tool holder.

New generation of PCD face milling cutters

New generation of PCD face milling cutters

The face milling cutters from MAPAL with replaceable PCD milling cartridges are the cutters of choice to achieve the best surfaces when machining aluminium in the automotive industry. The setting and clamping system of the milling inserts has proven itself in innumerable applications. A new, optimised generation of these milling cutters for cutting depths up to ap = 4 mm is now presented.

News & Innovations

HPR400 plus – Clear cost-per-part savings due to no setting requirements and four cutting edges 

Greater cost-effectiveness by means of efficient reconditioning was central to the development of the HPR400 reamers. The multi-bladed tools win over customers with their great cost-effectiveness thanks to faster application data and straight forward insert changing by the customer on-site. This ...| » Further reading 

Replaceable head reamer with optimised cooling 

The optimised replaceable head reamer CPR500/510 offers an economic advantage in cast machining. For a significantly longer tool life, the solid carbide replaceable heads have an innovative CVD coating. This coating was developed by MAPAL especially for cast. An additional technical coup of the n...| » Further reading 

Vertical cabinets for storing completely assembled tools 

If large, heavy tools are already assembled in the production area but are not yet needed on the machines, they should be stored away. Cabinet drawers with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 75 kg are not ideally suited for this. They often reach their limits when loaded with several completely a...| » Further reading 


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